Choose a place in your room – and dim any light or turn away from direct light sources (computers or other backlit digitalia)

Sit somewhere quietly and comfortably….or, lie down.

With eyes open, observe your situation, context, predicament. Slow down your gaze…

Allow the eyes to drift. You are not looking at or for anything – awash in the moves of eye, room, shadows, objects.

Take 30 seconds to slowly close your eyes – a full thirty seconds…or longer.

Notice…but more…sense the meeting of your eye lashes, the skin of your lids, the water matrix, what’s behind…bathe in the qualities of eye closure

Stay with this a good 10 minutes.

Now open your eyes again quickly and immediately shut them – a flash from darkness to light and back to darkness.

A reverse blink

Take note.

Repeat, this time leaving eyes open a fraction longer.

Repeat until you finally reach the tipping point where your eyes can stay open comfortably.

Take notes…automatic writing, drawing, pondering inner-to-outer shifts in embodiment.