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Publication for the joint issue of JDTC Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism and GPS Global Performance Studies on collaborative research in theatre and performance studies.

Collaboration co-authored by Susan Sentler with Sony Devabhaktuni, School of Architecture, University of Hong Kong and Joanna Mansbridge, Department of English, City University Hong Kong. Article titled: When Zoom Roomed the World: Performing Network Culture’s Enclosures.

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Conversational article/blog, On Movement, Rhythm and Data, for the online publication so-far, with Chief Editor Christina J. Chua on the MMCC (mediated/movement/choreographic/collaboration) collaborative project of Susan Sentler with colleague Dr Jamie Forth.

︎ On Movement Rhythm and Data

Publication for Design Culture(s)/Roma 2021 Cumulus Conference. Collaboration pedagogic research between fashion and dance rooted in the fold, origami aligned with minimalism/anti form visual art movements. The paper co-authored by Susan Sentler with 2 fashion colleagues from LASALLE College of the Arts: Daniela Monasterios-Tan and Ginette Chittick titled The Threshold of Language: Design and Soma.

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Human Origami: uncovering meta-levels of corporeal embodiment through movement improvisation Chapter co-authored by Susan Sentler and Glenna Batson. Routledge publication, edited by Stephanie Burridge, titled: Embodied Performativity in Southeast Asia: Multidisciplinary Corporeality.

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The Liquid Architecture of Bodily Folding Chapter by Susan Sentler co-written with Dr Natasha Lushetich for Beyond Mind: Symbolism, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Critical Aesthetics, DeGruyter, GR.

︎ Symbolism 2019
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How visual and kinaesthetic imagery shape movement improvisation: A pilot study Article co-written by Susan Sentler and  Glenna Batson for JDSP (Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices)

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ResDance Podcast

ResDance: a podcast founded by Dr. Gemma Harmon, dedicated to research methodologies and methods in dance practice, intended for educators, students, practitioners and performance interdisciplinary researchers curious to learn more about dance research in action.

ResDance S2: ‘the f/old, an impulse for multiplicity in languaging with Susan Sentler and Glenna Batson’ Episode 8, recorded 2 October 2022.

In this podcast, Susan Sentler and Glenna Batson share insights into their ten-year collaboration of honing a practice-based language on folding. Rooted in embodiment, the f/old is a somatic/artistic practice that departs from form into a multiplicity of processes for art making that incorporate the interplay of body and multimedia.



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